Mechanomade® FA25 in forma "flake"

Mechanomade® FA25 is a metal powder manufactured by a mechano-chemical process called High Energy Ball Milling (HEBM).

  • The distinctive characteristic of this process is the possibility to intimately mix materials at micro-nano scale and contemporaneously to promote the refinement of crystal structure achieving in this way the modification of physical-mechanical characteristics and the possibility to produce innovative solutions.
  • Thanks to this process, specifically functionalized products having singular properties in which the fine elements distribution and the phases integration, favor the achievement of superior performances.
SEM Mechanomade

SEM Mechanomade


Eds mapping Mechanomade

Cross section of a FA25 powder particle: lamellar structure constituted by interconnected Iron and Aluminum layers

  • iron distribution
  • aluminum distribution

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Tags: FRICTION MATERIALS, metallic powders


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